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Gameloot Review – What is Gameloot


gameloot reviewGameloot Review

This network started its business in May 2015, so it could  still be a mystery to many people. The domain is owned by Lance Baker, who is also the author of an eBook, called „Game Loot: Grab Your Pieces of the Mobile Gaming Revolution”.  Game loot network is a company, based on mobile gaming, that presents the possibility for anyone interested to be an affiliate for them and earn some extra money by playing and sharing smartphone games. Becoming an affiliate for this company gives you the admission to enter „The Fun Zone”, which is their gaming platform.

Gameloot provides people with smartphone games, supplied by Game Loot Studios. There are also 4 games available on the Pirate Bay, and they can also be downloaded in the App Store and in the Play Store.

This multi-level marketing company circles around Tokens, which are used as an online currency. Tokens are purchasable in the Game Loot network in packages, to get rewarded afterwards.

Game loot review – The compensation plan

This network’s payment plan is simple – they pay their affiliates for gathering new affiliates to the website. Gameloot workers get their deposit after spending their own money on buying the Token packages. There are 6 available packages:

  1. $10 for 50 tokens
  2. $50 for 250 tokens
  3. $100 for 500 tokens
  4. $250 for 1250 tokens
  5. $500 for 2500 tokens
  6. $1000 for 5000 tokens

gameloot compensation plan


There are 8 levels of ranking the affiliates, that differ in the amount of money the affiliate is prepared to spend, to earn more with the work of recruiting other game loot affiliates. It starts from Premium Gamer, where a person just signs up to the Game loot network, spend about $10 a month, get and maintain one new gameloot member, and ends with being a Level 6 Ambassador, where a person gets to spend about $100 monthly and recruit a minimum of 10 gameloot members, that are already Game Ambassadors.

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6 ways to earn money doing game looter work

  1. Fast Start Bonuses (10%)

A person will get paid this start bonus, if he’s a Game Ambassador or at least a Premium Gamer, and has assigned other Premium Gamers, that have bought Fun Pack’s from the network.

  1. Matching Bonuses (20%)

An engagement percentage of unilevel charge is paid to the affiliates by Game loot Studios. To privately recruited partners they also pay out Coded Bonuses. When an affiliate certifies as the Level 2 Ambassador or a higher level worker, he/she becomes  qualified and is granted a Matching Bonus of 20%.

  1. Coded Infinity Bonuses

This bonus is only for qualified Game Ambassadors, who’ve bought at least a $100 Fun 500 Package. This is an allowance, for the bought token packages, paid to the affiliates within a month of registration on Game Loot Network. The higher an affiliate is ranked as an Ambassador, the bigger percentage they can earn with this bonus.

  1. Unilevel Commissions

When  Game Ambassadors recruit new affiliates, placed right below them at level 1, a unilevel commission is given to the gameloot Ambassadors, which places them at the highest point of the unilevel group.

The team continues to build, when these level 1 game loot employees recruit more new people, which already puts them from level 1 to level 2. This is an endless process, as when the level 2 game loot workers recruit more new affiliates, they go to level 3, and so on.

  1. Go Deep Bonuses

This bonus is an extra paid 1% commission to affiliates, who are at least Level 4 Ambassadors. The Go Deep Bonus is paid for every Unilevel Leg, beginning from the 11th level, and higher.

When affiliates get qualified for Go Deep Bonuses, being on Level 5 or 6, they also certify their earlier bonuses.

  1. Global Revenue Sharing Pools

These Sharing Pools begin from Level 3 Ambassadors, where they combine monthly payouts from employees and advertising profits, paid out as  5% bonuses to the Game Ambassadors.

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GameLoot Review – The Gameloot Rewards

This is basically a lottery, where an affiliate can bid the earned tokens on items, that are on the reward list. You win the bid – you win the prize. This is a simple 6-step plan:

  1. Sign into your GameLoot Network account, then go to this URL, and also sign in there.
  2. Next you’ll see the list of bids (some of which are free) and your token amount.
  3. You can convert your tokens into bids with the Game Loot Converter (when converting, the amount of tokens should be 5, 10, 15 and so on.)
  4. After generating your tokens, you’ll get a message of confirmation or rejection.
  5. Then you will get a list of the items you can bid on, depending on the amount of your converted tokens.
  6. When you’ve chosen the favorable items, all you need to do is keep checking if you’re still the topmost bidder, to get the item when bidding is over.

gameloot rewards

GameLoot Review – The Conclusion


As for many people, seeking a seemingly easy job to make some money without actually leaving their homes, this may seem like one of the best options. But are there any issues related to game loot’s business?

First of all, Game Loot Network needs a better sense of retail, which would make their business more practical.

It is a great opportunity to make some serious money by following one of the ways outlined earlier, but the fastest way is undoubtably affiliate recruiting, by purchasing a monthly payment and recruiting new affiliates to this program.

The company pushes people to go for the Fun 500 Plan, which prompts the member to pay $100 in addition, plus the membership payment every month.

When we look at their actual gameloot review business structure wise, it seems like  an ordinary closed-loop system, with a lack of actual retail merchandising. The commissions and the additional money Game Loot Network pays for tokens of The Fun Zone,  are supported by monthly fees from the other affiliates.

Also the whole idea of the tokens is to use them to play games, that are otherwise unavailable, and to use them for bidding in their penny auctions.

There are already a considerable number of people that are successful in this business, it’s a fun and novel way of earning money that requires some monetary investment and time.

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